Home Made Missions

These missions are made with CFS2 Mission Builder plus a little hand editing.

Carriers at Espiritu Santo.
In this mission two American carriers, one Essex class and one Enterprise class, are anchored off
the coast of Espiritu Santo. There is a 30 knot head wind at the carriers, to simulate the ships speed.
The wind also makes landing at the Espiritu Santo airfield very difficult in the fair wind direction :-)

Cross wind at Espiritu Santo.
Scenery is the same at in the mission above, but wind and carriers are turned 90 deg. to make
cross wind at Espiritu Santo airfield.

Teams carrier battle.
This mission is made for two teams fight. Each team has a base with a runway and two carriers.
There is approxilately 40NM between the two bases, and the first team that lands an aircraft
on an enemy carrier has won the game. The challenge is to decide how many planes to send
towards the enemy, and how many to keep home for defence. And what route to fly towards
the enemy to avoid running into his task force. The best tactics wins.
Navigating can be hard the first times you try, but I have made a map that I hope will help a little.
Click here for the map.


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